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Brilliant White - Magma Poetry, Issue 83

On the DoorstepBealtaine, Issue 2 

What the bouncer saw & Cap-a-pie -  The North, Dec 2020

Before you die, you grow so old  - Voices along the road -  an anthology of poetry and flash fiction in aid of child refugees

Barge Hauler (After Ilya Repin) - Alba Journal of short poetry, Spring 2022 



How Your Jeans Turned Partly to Ash in the Distance  - Fractured West, Literary Magazine, Issue 2


Life in the Day of a Misanthrope - Flash Fiction World, Dec 2012


Rockefeller - Reflex Fiction, Jan 2020


Islands of Memory - Reflex Fiction, Oct 2018



A Short History of Coat Giving - Youmanity - World Refugee Day 2019

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