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The following includes a recent poem, straplines for prose works, and a summary of my current projects.



That’s the one, over there in the coat*

* In her seminal anthropological text, Humanity’s Anomia: Struggling with Angels (Chicago: Labyrinth Press, 2035), Professor Jamieson Twigg catalogues the fourteen ritualistic functions of coat-giving:

a. Coats given as rites of passage

b. Coats given as means of disguise

c. Coats given for the purpose of collecting bullet casings

d. Coats given as emblems of faith

e. Coats given as much in jealousy as in love

f. Coats given at three minutes past the hour

g. Coats given as a means of identification in a crowd, or at distance

h. Coats given by strangers

i. Coats given for no reason at all

j. Coats given because the men in the room are greatly stressed

k. Coats given in the reigning theoretical paradigms and all the paradigms yet to be named

l. Coats given for expressed reasons, e.g. because you’re shivering, because you don’t look well

m. Coats given then quickly taken back

n. Coats given while a couple scream at each other because their daughter is missing

Graffiti, a duology

Red on Maroon

For old John Laniscaux it is sad work, cloning his only child. When a major player wants to be Laniscaux’s benefactor, the only thing left to do is flee.


Harvey must get into Citi and find his brother; Nola's cousin dies, her uncle is banished, she loses her job, and her grandparents are being thrown out of the care home, then she goes blind; Pace sets out to find the graffiti artist but finds a blind girl instead.

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This month sees the poetry collection Boar Child Heart going out to pamphlet competitions. The competitions each have their own limitations (six poems, ten, twenty, twenty pages), so I've had to vary the entries. I owe a lot to the mentorship of Rebecca Tantony; her keen eye and passion brought out the best in my pen hand.

I'm also getting back into Red on Maroon, the novel, after expert editor Sam Boyce cast her eye over it. I have plot driving decisions to make following her summary. 

Two poems, 'What the bouncer saw' and 'Cap-a-Pie', will be published in The North Magazine, a bi-annual I always look forward to reading.     

Interested in seeing more of my work? Please get in touch and I’ll be glad to share some more pieces with you.


"What strange phenomena we find in a great city; all we need do is stroll about with our eyes open. Life swarms with innocent monsters."

Charles Baudelaire