My journey

Professional Experience

Teacher of English Literature and Language

2005 to today

High school teaching takes your heart and mind to the limit every day. Teachers have to care, and they have to challenge the students in their care to stretch themselves in every lesson.


1995 to present

At University I read poetry more seriously than I had done before and knew I wanted to express myself in writing, in lines, in lyric. After an early success and setback I decided to get in the water and swim. I've surfaced now.


1998 to present

The journals will tell their own story, but mine is this. When I was a kid, I used to watch the other kids and the old people around and the workers and seers and I'd think, every one of them has a story. I knew I had. I just knew that the ordinary trials of being alive, of having visions and emotions and connections, all of it, they could move anyone to tears. And we hold all of it in these bodies. 

After achieving an MA in Creative Writing at Edinburgh Napier, I started to write again. This time I won't stop it. 

Man with Book

Gavin Ritchie Coaching

Wherever you want to take your writing, I can set you on your way.